Principal’s Message: Week of April 22, 2018
In Preparation for the Fifth Week of Easter

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Dear St. Luke Families,

Wow, as a school community we just had a wonderful experience with our ART SHOW which was so very memorable! Thanks to Ms. Tanya, Charlie, and Beth for their wonderful leadership and service! Our seventh graders went on their Confirmation Retreat this past Sunday and will gather with Bishop Cotta on Monday evening for Confirmation. This coming Saturday is our Annual Table Setting which is always a wonderful gala!!

The heart of Christian community is the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the vine; we are the branches. Living within the vine, we “will produce abundantly.” Separated from the vine, we are, “a withered, rejected branch which can do nothing.”

The commandment that binds together this community is twofold: to believe in Jesus and to “love one another as he commanded us.” When following this commandment of faith and love, “we are at peace before him.” Such a community of faith, love and peace is possible, and St. Luke assures us that “throughout all Judea, Galilee and Samaria the church was at peace.”

Our world is not at peace; there is war and division everywhere. For our Church to speak peace to this world, it will have to be a peaceful community. There must be that faith in, and reliance on Jesus, and there must also be that love for one another. The world, and yes, right here in Stockton, must be able to look at St. Luke Parish and say that we are at peace. Only then will our message of peace get through to others.

Reading I: Acts 9:26-31
Responsorial Psalm 22:26-27, 28, 30, 31-32
Reading II: 1 John 3:18-24
Gospel: John 15:1-8