Principal’s Message: Week of August 24th, 2014

21st Week in Ordinary Time

Dear St. Luke’s Families,

"I bow low toward your holy temple; I praise your name for your mercy and faithfulness. For you have exalted over all Your name and Your promise."  ~ Psalms 138:2

We often praise the man or woman who has the courage of his or her convictions and sets an example for the rest of us. Saint John the Baptist was such an individual.

We remember him as the precursor of Our Lord who asked us to prepare for the coming of Christ. This Friday, August 29th, on the anniversary of his martyrdom, we honor him for his courage in speaking truth to power.

Saint John the Baptist publicly condemned the illicit marriage of King Herod as an offense against God. For refusing to remain silent, he was imprisoned and later executed. He was willing to suffer humiliation and death so that he could witness to our Redeemer and foretell Christ's own passion.

Saint John the Baptist may have been imprisoned in darkness. Yet he carried a great light—his belief in God and everlasting life. Like this great saint, we are called to have the courage of our convictions, too, and live as Christ asked us. I know that's hard at times—although most of us will never have to make the choices that Saint John the Baptist did or undergo the death that he suffered. What we can do is honor the Gospel with integrity and compassion, especially for the poor and marginalized. We can celebrate the sacraments. In the face of a challenge or difficulty, we can ask Saint John the Baptist for the grace to guide us.

This week we shall be holding our first “safety drill” of the year- what to do in case of an earthquake which the town of Napa just experienced. Friday is no school. All eleven diocesan schools and two high schools shall attend liturgy together with Bishop Blaire and superintendent Tom Butler at 9:00 am at the Cathedral of the Annunciation followed by an educational in-service for all faculty members and administrators.


May your travels always be light and blessed by the example of Saint John the Baptist. 

John Rieschick