Principal’s Message:  February 12, 2017
6th Week of Ordinary Time

Dear friends and families,

It is an exciting week here at St. Luke’s! Not only are many of our classes celebrating St. Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, but, we are also going to be paid a three day visit by our WCEA Visiting Team for our accreditation! Please welcome the following members to our school.

Mr. Spencer, Chairperson, Diocese of Fresno
Ms. Paredes, Principal, St. Bernard’s in Tracy
Ms. Perez, Principal, Sacred Heart in Patterson
Ms. Dickert, Principal, St. Anthony’s in Manteca
Ms. Espinoza, Teacher, St. George’s in Stockton

Wow, wasn’t this weekend’s reading challenging!

Jesus is critical of the Pharisees’ type of righteousness, which focuses on externals. They make sure everyone sees when they fast, pray on street corners, wash hands, etc. How do these things relate to the inner Spirit of the law? How do they relate to loving God and neighbor?

Pope Francis has continually warned against an excessive rigidity. How does “going beyond the law” in order to love God and neighbor surpass the “righteousness” of the scribes and Pharisees?

Taking his cue from Jesus’ warning to his disciples that unless their righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees they will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, Pope Francis stressed the importance of Christian realism. Jesus, he said, asks us to go beyond the laws and love God and neighbor, stressing that whoever is angry with their brother will be liable to judgment.

Pope Francis urged his listeners to recall how Jesus’s request for generosity and holiness is all about going forward and always looking out beyond ourselves. This, he explained, frees us from the rigidity of the laws and from an idealism that harms us.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!!

Mr. Rieschick