Principal’s Message: Week of August 21, 2016
21st Week of Ordinary Time

St. Luke’s had so many compliments following Back-to-School Night this past Friday. It was wonderful to hear families so excited!

We had some very challenging words this past weekend in both the Old and New Testament, didn’t we? God calls everyone to Himself. To paraphrase St. Paul in His Epistle to the Romans, passing judgment—or excluding someone from our "inner circle"—condemns only us and not the person who has been excluded. Jesus' sacrifice was for all. The challenge for us is to be as inclusive as our God. The promise of eternal life in Christ is for whoever believes in Him, and He desires that none—not even one—should perish.

St. Luke Friends, we have an awesome responsibility as co-educators. We are called to be an inclusive welcoming group, and that means opening our hearts to people who disagree with us, people who ask things of us, and people who work against us—a tall order to be sure, but one that we can surely fill as Jesus' present-day disciples.