Principal’s Message: Week of October 26, 2014
30th Week of Ordinary Time

Dear Friends of St. Luke’s,

"Praised be the LORD, I exclaim! I have been delivered from my enemies." ~ Psalm 18:4

Fall is in the air!

The trees are starting to change color from the restful greens of summer to the reds and oranges of a brand new season. And the temperatures are going down just far enough. I have to admit, I love this time of year!

Through the majesty of autumn, we are surrounded by a million reminders that God is present in our lives. I rejoice in the crisp air and brilliant sunsets…the longer shadows…and the rustling of leaves under my feet. Everything we experience in this incredible display is a microcosm of the story of creation and God’s profound love for us.

Bishops from around the world recently gathered with the Holy Father, Pope Francis, for the Extraordinary Synod of the Family. Conversations about the hopes and challenges regarding the welfare of the family as a sign and instrument of the gospel of life and human dignity in the world took place. Pope Francis said, “We are not the masters of faith given to us by Jesus, the good teacher. We are the servants.” With that said, it is my opinion that the Church must continue to find expressions, methods, and a new enthusiasm with which to speak to the world about the beauty and dignity of the family as a sign and an instrument of the gospel of Jesus who was, and is, and always will be the saving light and joyful hope of humanity.

Halloween, October 31st: Trick of Treat?

Every holiday is a day for open doors. This is called Hospitality! Friends and strangers are welcome. We never know who will enter. It might be Christ!

But on Halloween, some of those strangers announce themselves: “Trick of Treat!”

And yet we open the doors! Not only that, we hand out good things! We act like our doors are open to the whole world and we have nothing at all to fear! We act like all that we have we’ll share with the whole world!

And all those costumes and masks! What’s going on? This dull, everyday world puts aside all its seriousness for a few hours. We put on a mask and become someone else. We play with the world. We make fun with the world! We turn it upside down as Jesus did with the beatitudes. The reign of God is a little like this I think.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

All Saints and All Souls Day, November 1st & 2nd: The Days of the Dead

Each fall when the grains and vegetables and fruit have been harvested, Christians keep a harvest feast.

On November 1st we celebrate God’s harvest- the great gathering in of the saints. We don’t let the dark or the cold chase us indoors. Instead we rally! This is the homecoming when we sing of a city to come, a new Jerusalem where we’ll all be welcomed home.

So the earth may be asleep for a while, but we are wide awake. We begin with the day before, the vigil of All Saints. This vigil is the day called Halloween, and on the day after All Saints, we continue with All Souls Day, remembering the dead.

I pray that the special beauty of fall deepens your faith—just like all of nature that is becoming more intense with the passing days. We have so much to be grateful for here at St. Luke Catholic Elementary School.



Mr. Rieschick