Principal’s Easter Message: Week of April 24, 2016
5th Week of Easter

Dear Friends of St. Luke’s,

So much is going on here at St. Luke’s these days!! Thirty-nine (39) new students enrolled for school next year!!! We had a wonderful Fruit of the Vine Food, Beer & Wine Stroll this past Saturday! We have the VFW visit our school this coming Tuesday for our Flag presentation On Wednesday, our 7th grade students shall receive the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Blaire and on the same evening we have 10 students being honored at St. Stanislaus Church in Modesto for the Msgr. DeGroot Student Service Awards! The students receiving this honor are:  Novalynn Hosker, Elias Franco, Ayden Torres, Laine Hole, Enzo Ollano, Isabella Galvez, Anh Nguyen, Vicente Contreras, Anastasia Mifsud and Victor Jaramillo. Finally, we have our Pre-School Trike-a-Thon this Friday to assist families of St. Jude’s Hospital!!

I am thrilled to announce the following hiring for the 2016-2017 school year:

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Christina McBride
Third Grade:  Mrs. Debbie Abdallah
Primary Aide: Mrs. Gloria Enriquez

"This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

John 13:35


Wouldn't it be great if we could use some sort of yardstick to measure how we're doing as Christians? Then we'd be able to gage how far we've come and how far we have to go. We measure our distance or closeness to Christ by our ability to love the person in front of us as He loved, and by our ability to give of ourselves. These abilities bring forth the new creation that God has already begun in us.

In reading about the last week of Jesus' life, we learn the most important lessons that our Lord has for us. Kingdom seekers must be servants. "If the Savior of the world could wash His disciples' feet, then I can certainly…" We fill in the rest of that sentence with our own mission statement. Can't you just picture our humble Lord stooping down, cloth in hand, taking the dusty feet of his followers, and the incredulous expression on their faces?

The events surrounding Jesus' last days – raising Lazarus from the dead, riding into Jerusalem on a donkey – served to anger his enemies further. The stage was set. The Master was about to put His final stroke on the divine masterpiece. The King of Glory was about to commit the greatest act of love that humanity has ever known.
We saw it in the first Christians, and we see it in those with sincere hearts today: the quality of love is measured by how and with what frequency it is demonstrated. The disciples shared their possessions, cared for one another and even died in the name of Love. We will be judged on the validity of our claim to be disciples of the King by the way that we love one another.

Mr. Rieschick