Principal’s Message: Week of November 16, 2014
33rd Week of Ordinary Time

Dear Friends of St. Luke’s,

What went wrong with the servant who buried his one talent? I think he wasted a whole bunch of time examining his ability to do his master’s work. He focused on his own lack of talents and this became an obstacle to faithfully perform the task assigned to him. He feared taking the risk that a spiritual journey demands.

Here at St. Luke’s, we ask each of our students to use their God-given talents. We all have different ones, don’t we? But, we need to be patient. Patient with everyone, including ourselves. When we do, we open ourselves to what God desires for us. We are then free to perform our everyday activities with the confidence that we are doing God’s will. Jesus tells us that those with one talent are just as useful and important as those with many talents in doing God’s work. The bees give us a great example! Some gather honey, some watch over the hive and others keep it clean. But they all eat the same honey. We, too, the strong and the weak, work together in Christ. All of us here at St. Luke’s are in it all together!

This coming week we are knee-deep in studies as we enter the second week of the second trimester. We are all getting ready for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break! Our last day is Friday, 14th and we return to school on Monday, 24th.




The first Thanksgiving Day celebrated in North America was in 1621. The pilgrims of Massachusetts were not accustomed to festivity, yet they decided to host a banquet in order to share their harvest with the Indians who had helped them grow food in the new land. They celebrated with games and contests, and then a dinner of fish, venison, turkey, corn and other veggies, and berries.

In 1789, after his inauguration, President George Washington proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving for the new country. For many years after that, each state chose its own day to celebrate. In 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the fourth Thursday of November as the official Thanksgiving Day of the nation.

In celebration of Thanksgiving in the year 2014, we here at St. Luke’s gather to praise our Loving God, praying for the needs of others and hoping for the day when God’s wonderful gifts are shared fairly in our world. By reaching out to the least among us, we all will prosper and enjoy a renewed spirit and recovery.

May God bless each of our parish and school families, our faculty and staff, our Salesian Priests and Sacro Costato Sisters, and those in our community who are in need.


In the Spirit of St. Luke, St. John Bosco, and Fr. Eustachio Montemurro,


Mr. Rieschick, Principal