Principal’s Corner

Dear Families of St. Luke’s School,

Since I have started here, and especially with the beginning of school, I have made a series of happy discoveries.  I’ve repeatedly watched the students come together to cheer up someone who’s having a bad day.  I have also seen the teachers take extra time to assist children who need help with school work or just need a person to listen to them.  I’ve visited classroom after classroom and found the students smiling as they diligently work and learn.  At mass I’ve witnessed the prayerful participation of our students as they sing and respond with joy and reverence.  In short, I have seen so much good here.  St. Paul teaches us that love is the perfect bond of unity (Col 3:14), and this is definitely a community that loves one another.  Every day I find more to love about this place!

As the last trimmings of the festival come down and as we hunker down into the school year, let us keep focused on what matters:  each other.  Let us continue to work together, to understand each other, to extend the benefit of the doubt, to rush to assist others.  May this year continue to be filled with acts of charity and service in the relentless spirit of St. John Bosco.

God bless,

Harrison Brehm