Principal’s Message: Week of May 24, 2015
Week of Pentecost Sunday 

Dear Friends of St. Luke’s,

Wow! It is our last week of school. I simply can’t believe how fast this year flew by! Our 8th graders have been promoted and our Pre-School students will be graduating on Wednesday evening at 6 pm. We shall celebrate our year with a Farewell Mass on Thursday morning along with distributing certificates for club participants and our wonderful volunteers this past year. Friday, which is officially our last day of school, will be Field Day!

I am also thrilled to announce two more new employees who will be joining Mrs. Pinasco on the St. Luke’s School staff: Mrs. Hosker will be the additional aide in Kindergarten, and Morning Day Care helper is Ms. Gietzensince Allison will be going on to Grad School!!!

"Peace be with you. As the Father sent me, so am I sending you." ~ John 20:21

When Jesus asks us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him, it is a serious invitation.

Persecution has always accompanied the Christian calling to forward the kingdom of heaven on earth, and it can take on many forms. Most of us will never know the persecution experienced by the martyrs, yet the process of building the heavenly kingdom can sometimes put us "at odds" with our neighbors.

The 12-year civil war in El Salvador had taken many individuals in its wake. Thousands of unknown innocent men, women and children had already paid with their lives for their efforts to proclaim God's kingdom when on March 24, 1980, San Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero was shot while celebrating Mass one day after calling on soldiers to stop enforcing the government's policies of oppression and violation of human rights. Later that same year, Maryknoll Sisters Ita Ford and Maura Clarke, lay missioner Jean Donovan and Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel were murdered by Salvadoran National Guardsmen. We also cannot forget the massacre of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and her teenage daughter at the University of Central America in 1989.

How appropriate to celebrate Archbishop Romero's beatification this past weekend, on the eve of Pentecost! The anniversary of the day our infant Church was birthed is now tied to the birth of an international community in defense of the persecuted Church today. Romero has been declared a martyr in "odium fidei" (hatred of the faith), thereby honoring all who died with Christ during that tumultuous time in history.

As Catholics, we are called to stand firm against extremism, oppression and intolerance. I pray that Blessed Oscar Romero's stance for the persecuted among us will inspire you. As he once said, "Each one of you has to be God's microphone. Each one of you has to be a messenger, a prophet. The church will always exist as long as there is someone who has been baptized." 

Thank You All for a wonderful Year and all of us here at St. Luke’s wishes you a safe, peace-filled and fun summer!!

All the very Best,

Mr. Rieschick