Principal’s Message: Week of June 19, 2016
12th Week of Ordinary Time

Dear Friends of St. Luke’s, 

The beginning of this week we celebrated Father's Day so to all the fathers in our parish community, Happy Father’s Day.

I also want to acknowledge that the entire diocese and beyond celebrate Bishop Stephen E. Blaire’s 50 years as a Priest and 25 years as a Bishop! Congratulations Bishop Blaire!

As a father myself with a daughter in college and a daughter in high school, I imagine that every father of a family feels overwhelmed by the immense task he faces. At least he can gradually acclimate to hearing the word "dad." But from the moment he learns that he is about to become a father, I'm sure he experiences strong emotions of wonder, joy and fear.

Becoming a father or mother is about creating heirs and helping to create the future. It is about participating in God's ongoing creation of love. What a marvelous privilege! We can choose this mission but still get stuck in ourselves. In either the role of spiritual, biological, adoptive or foster father, it is very easy to become self-referential, to get caught up in our own desires and needs, and to lose sight of the vocation of being life-giving.


My friends, to be a father is a calling, a responsibility and a commitment. As we celebrate and meditate on the life-giving and protective role that all fathers are called to, let us thank God for the privilege of giving and sharing life with others and commit ourselves to protecting all life, thereby promoting the growing posterity of Father Abraham, of all those who belong to Christ.