In January of 2015, St. Luke School Advisory Committee met and appointed a School Strategic Planning Sub-Committee and charged it with oversight of the planning process. The committee met over the course of five months and categorized the following seven areas as strategic priorities:

 Christian Identity
Marketing & Enrollment
Curriculum & Technology 
Facilities Improvement, Maintenance & Safety 

Goals, initiatives and a plan of action for each priority have been established with a timelines to provide a framework for ongoing accountability. Our Principal, Mr. Rieschick, has members of the CSAC Board, faculty and staff assisting with this endeavor. However, he is also looking for parents and guardians who may be interested in assisting with this accountability process.


If you would like to be involved in one of these priorities, please feel free to email Mr. Rieschick at, contact him at (209) 464-0801, or, call for an individual appointment.

Click here to view our Strategic Plan