What is scrip???? Scrip is gift cards.  For every gift card purchased the school earns a percentage from that retailer.

Use scrip to purchase birthday presents, Christmas presents, stocking stuffers, refrigerators, t.v.’s, washers and dryers, your gas, for eating out, Starbucks, and on and on and on. Don’t forget to let grandparents and relatives know that they can purchase from us too!

Download Scrip Order Form 


Sign Up with ShopWithScrip - It's Easy!!

1. Click on the image to the left

2. Fill in all required personal information and click 'I Accept'

3. Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers


Prestopay - Online Payment Made Easy

Enroll in PrestoPay, the online payment method offered through ShopWithScrip, and pay for your oders with the electronic funds transfer system. It's easy, it's secure, and it allows you to skip the hassle of paying with cash or checks.

To Sign Up: Simply log on to your ShopWithScrip account and follow these steps:

  • Click on the PrestPay link under Family Functions on your Dashboard
  • Enter your bank account informaion on their secure website
  • Great Lakes Scrip Center will deposit two small amounts in your bank account. Enter these amounts in your PrestoPay registration to verify your account
  • You'll receive an email with an approval code to send to your coordinator
  • Once your account is approved by your coordinator, you'll be ready for online payment! For a small conveniece fee of only $0.15 per order, you'll have the quickest easiest way to pay for scrip!