School-Wide Learning Expectations

Upper Level

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School students endeavor to become:

1. Faith Filled Catholics who:

  • 1.1 Develop a spiritual center based upon the beliefs, traditions and prayers of the Roman Catholic Church
  • 1.2 Utilize the Liturgical Calendar to observe, understand and participate in their faith
  • 1.3 Use the values of the Church to make conscientious decisions

2. Responsible Citizens who:

  • 2.1 Productively contribute to the needs of communities at local and global levels
  • 2.2 Develop a social conscience and understand their role as a member of society
  • 2.3 Appreciate and respect the cultural diversity of their community

3. Life-Long Learners who:

  • 3.1 Demonstrate knowledge of a comprehensive curriculum
  • 3.2 Develop academic skills and effective study habits
  • 3.3 Communicate clearly utilizing written work, listening skills and oral presentations


Primary Level

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School students will:

1. Follow the teachings of Jesus:

  • 1.1 Know they are special to God and part of his family
  • 1.2 Participate in Mass and know the prayers
  • 1.3 Follow Gods rules and work and play fairly

2. Work to become good citizens:

  • 2.1 Follow school rules 2.2 Use self-control
  • 2.3 Take good care of self and environment

3. Become lifelong learners:

  • 3.1 Finish their work and do it neatly and correctly
  • 3.2 Listen to the teacher and follow directions 3.3 Use what they learn to solve problems