St. Luke Catholic Elementary School endeavors to assist our parents in their duty by helping to prepare their children to be morally, socially and academically responsible by following the examples of Jesus Christ.

“We will create the structures that support and encourage the participation of young people of all cultures. Through unity, education and spiritual growth, young people will be enabled to become passionate and active participants that leaders in our church community, evangelizers and builders of the Kingdom of God.”

(Diocese of Stockton, Synod Goal #10, Youth Ministry)



Live with Faith + Learn with Passion + Light the World

"The families and staff of St. Luke Catholic Elemenatary School seek to be transformed by the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.  Our Catholic faith and traditions unite us in our love for all that we do and all we serve.  We believe in teaching and living the truth."

"We will foster, strengthen and support the unity of family, rooted in the Gospel message of love that reflecrs Christ's mission and transform the world."

(Diocese of Stockton, Synod Goal #4, Family Unity)

We believe that parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children (“Apostolate of the Laity”, 11). Therefore, the staff and community of St. Luke Catholic Elementary School complement and enhance the role of the parents/guardians by teaching as Jesus did, by making faith living and active through the educational formation of its young people (“To Teach as Jesus Did”, 11), and by providing a curriculum that integrates Christian values with a strong academic program.

It is our aim to present Christian values, personal responsibility, and an awareness and respect for human dignity as an integral part of life. Students are led to discover a deep spiritual purpose in life so that they seek to establish both inside and outside of school the Gospel values of love, justice, and peace. We are committed to the education of the whole individual: religious, moral, intellectual, physical, social, psychological, and aesthetic growth of each student.

Our academic program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing 21st century. Through a rigorous curriculum, students will become self-motivated, critical thinkers, strong communicators, and creative problem solvers.

A deep concern for the welfare of our students guides us in our common goals. We, as educators, administrators, and parents/guardians, recognize the fact that faith is assimilated and nurtured through contact with those who live in a community atmosphere with both a local and global outlook. With the spirit of the Gospel to give us perspective and vision, we strive to foster a loving and supportive environment where each individual is accepted and encouraged to grow.

“Formed by our ongoing engagement with Scripture, tradition and Catholic social teaching, we will promote the common good by safeguarding and advancing the dignity of every human being and of all God’ creation.”

(Diocese of Stockton, Synod Goal #8, Social Justice)