Extended Daycare Program

The Extended Daycare Program provides professional care, supervision, recreation, and enrichment activities.

Students in grades K through 8 experience growth activities designed to teach the philosophy and mission of the school. Arts and crafts projects, games, recreation, story time, and an opportunity to get homework done.

The Extended Daycare Program is run by an experienced director and dedicated staff who are devoted to providing attention and a safe environment for the students. It is a supervised atmosphere where all are respected.

In most cases Extended Daycare bills will be issued the first week of the new month and payment is due in full on the 20th of the month. Billing is done on a drop in basis only and is $4 per hour. Parents must sign their child out of daycare daily. If a child is not signed out, parents will be billed until 5:30 that evening.

Excess charges of $2 per minute will continue to be in effect for those leaving their children after 5:30 P.M. or on the published "No Daycare Available"dates.

Your Extended Daycare Providers are:
Denise Walker
Celeste Lemos
Jennifer Paul

Sports, Clubs, and After School Activities

St. Luke's offers an extensive number of after school programs and extracurricular activities. Students and parents have many opportunities to participate in these fun and enriching experiences:

We also have opportunities for students to participate in St. Luke Parish activities and ministries: